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Customize a product in the Product Builder

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    Daniel Cannon

    Hey folks,

    First of all your plugin is great! I am building a custom PC configurator and faced three smaller problems, that must be solved:

    1. I have computer cases that can be customized, so I created a $0 placeholder product where customer could pick a color from a list and select Laser/UV etching. My problem is that these configuration settings won’t appear in the popup modal box when I select the product. Only the description is showing. Am i doing something wrong? Does the plugin support this? I really need that because these configurations are part of my business, to sell unique colored computer cases.

    2. I want to show a shorter description for the products in the popup modal window, not the longer one which contains images, buttons, boxes that is not needed for me. Is this possible?

    3. Is it possible to optionally enable selecting multiple products? Here is the case: my customers should only select 1 computer case, 1 power supply, but should be able to select multiple 32GB or 64GB memory modules or SSDs. Currently as I see, multiple products could be enabled for all or neither products which is a strange from a PC configurator.

    Thanks for your help in advance!

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