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Dependancy and auto deselect.

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    Hi there,

    We need to know if this is possible.

    For example lets say we have AMD and Intel.

    In step 1 we select AMD CPU
    In step 2 we select AMD motherboard.
    In step 3 we select RAM

    Now we go back to step 1 and select Intel CPU.
    Can the plugin automatically deselect AMD motherboard and RAM or can we tell it to deselect AMD motherboard (in step 3) or anything that doesn’t have same attribute.

    Because at the moment, when we change to Intel, the AMD motherboard is still selected in the background. (This is necessary because in step 2, its not compulsory for people to choose motherboard, we could only want to sell parts.)

    Let us know how we can do this scenario. Thank you.

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