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Design issues with order trackiing

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    I have just purchased the Woocommerce tracking plugin and have some questions about the design and functionality.

    Firstly, is it possible to edit the default text in the fields. The grammar isn’t in standard English. e.g.
    Tracking number(*Required) – here there should be a space after the word number, so it reads: Tracking number (*Required)
    Please click button Track to track your order – Here it should read: Please click the ‘Track’ button to trace your order.
    Or better yet, ‘Please enter your tracking number in the box above and click the ‘Track’ button. This was given to you in the confirmation email you should have received.’
    Lastly, the search icon near the track button is too big and close to it.

    I also have some questions regarding the plugin functionality.

    I noticed that I’m not able to edit the page with Elementor as it does not come in shortcode format. And the shortcode provided on the back-end is quite basic and has 17Track branding and ads. Is there a way to edit the page above and below the tracking information using Elementor?

    Next, is it possible to pull in the globe timeline from Cainiao that shows the statuses ‘picked, leaving origin, destination arrived and delivered? Having status updates is great, but it doesn’t give the customer an idea of an estimated delivery date or how close it is to arrival.

    Lastly, I’ve noticed on a number of occasions that the data on the tracking page is written in Chinese characters. Do you have a fix for this?

    Many thanks,


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