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Duplicates Review Comments Across Products

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    The settings screen has a toggle for “Unique Comment Content” (Check comment content is exist. If exist, random other comment content) which does not seem to work. The plugin duplicates comments between different products even if there are unused comments in the uploaded list.

    I created about 20 5-star comments that I wanted to have allocated to 4 similar products. I made sure that the Unique Comment Content toggle was on, and set the rating distribution to 0%, 0%, 0%, 0%, and 100% for 1-star, 2-star, 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star, respectively. I left all the condition rules for categories and products empty.

    I then went to the Manual reviews tab to add multiple reviews. I set the quantity of reviews per each product value to 4 in the expectation that it would be easier for the plugin to randomly allocate 16 of the 20 review comments to the 4 products.

    In the Include products field, I then added the 4 products that I wanted to allocate the reviews to and pressed the Add reviews button.

    The plugin seemed to run successfully, and I was able to check on the website that the 4 products had been allocated 4 review comments each, as expected. However, when I started to look at the reviews under each product, it was clear that several review comments had been duplicated between the products even though there were more than enough reviews to ensure that the unique comment content worked, without resorting to allocating the same reviews to multiple products.

    Since the products are so similar and in the same category, customers will very quickly realise that the same reviews show up across multiple different products (seemingly from different people because the review author details were not duplicated).

    This is clearly not how the Unique Comment Content functionality is supposed to work (i.e. it is supposed to check if comment content has already been allocated, and if it has, then choose another random comment to allocate).

    This bug is making it impossible to import a large number of comments and have the plugin randomly allocate the comments to a large number of products, such as a product category, without duplication.

    Please help!

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