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E-Mails, Cart Logs and Abandoned Carts not working etc.

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    I bought the plugin three days ago and unfortunately some things don’t work.
    The pop-up works and the e-mail templates are set up and activated. The reports “General” and “Products” also show data. But…

    1) E-mails are not sent
    2) Cart Logs shows no records
    3) Abandoned Carts (Abandoned Table) shows no records
    4) Coupons shows no records (probably because of #1)

    5) A translation with Loco Translate is not possible. Loco Translate cannot search all files and also causes server problems. We would like to change “click” for e-mail unsubscription.

    Question about the coupons:
    A) What are the settings for sending a customer the same coupon again in another mail?
    The first mail does not contain a coupon, the second generates a coupon and the third mail should serve as a reminder mail (e.g. coupon is only valid 24h) and contain the same coupon from the second mail.

    B) How can individual coupons be generated for free shipping?

    Features Requests:
    – More possibilities for e-mail templates. Especially that you can add links (e.g. to the shop!) and dividers. And other things, as described here: https://villatheme.com/supports/topic/features-improvements-list-for-wc-abandoned-cart-recovery/

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