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Email customizer and WordPress transactional emails

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    I purchased the Woocommerce order tracking plugin a few days ago.
    Something I’m trying to understand:

    – If I use an email customizer am I not able to insert the tracking info into that email?
    Or do you have a shortcode for that I can insert into the customized email?
    I’ve attached a screenshot for you. Trying to understand what you mean by the highlighted text.

    – Another thing I need to be cleared. Can I create a custom carrier which basically is any universal free tracking service (like E17) and then link to that in the emails with the tracking number appended?

    Or alternatively link to my own tracking page right?

    – Lastly, when I use the tracking page customizer I don’t see my edit change on the page:

    1. F.eg if I try to edit the timeline template, I’m not seeing any timeline as an example.
    2. I’m not able to change the text in the fields. My site is not english, so I need to change the wording.
    3. So all in all the tracking page customizer doesn’t seem very helpful, because I’m not able to see the changes I make.
    Only the fields and the track button.

    I’m sorry about the long message, but please reply to every single bullet.

    Much appreciated.

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