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Email not updating on checkout page

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    Kulbhushan Parashar

    Hi Team,

    When i use email pop to add to cart, it has to populate automatically on checkout page so that user do not need to fill again.

    but it is not happing in my case, im using aero checkout for checkout pages.

    So can you please help me to fix this would be a great help. or if it is not possible form you side, can you tell me what should i write to (technically) aero checkout support which they can help.

    2nd: I have observed once use email pop for add to cart, post popup submission it is taking more time for next action like to redirect to cart page or even without redirect..
    Please check if it is true or its just im feeling like that 🙂

    Is there any way we can use facebook checkbox on the emailpop in OR with email address?

    so if somebody do not want to put email and already logged in to fb can check the fb tick?

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