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Email template set itself as woocommerce default

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    David Martinez


    Tracking email was set as you instruct me by using your plugin “Email Templates”, it seems that you change something because that template set itself as default on “Email Tempaltes” plugin and it was being sent on my new orders and every other shop email.

    I checked and try to set it back to order tracking Email Type but the type is not there anymore (on Email Templates).

    So how can I “design” the template on “orders tracking” plugin itself now, is it possible to make it look as it was since I don’t see all the options like adding order details there? I don’t need “Email templates” plugin anymore? (I was using it only for the orders tracking email)

    Why did you do this if it was working flawlessly can you please just let us use it as it was? Why did you removed the Order tracking email type from Email templates plugin? Or at least add a full customizer for the order shipping email editor as it is/was on email templates plugin.

    You still have this notice on Email tab on orders tracking plugin (You can use WooCommerce Email Template Customizer or Email Template Customizer for WooCommerce to create and customize your own email template. If no email template is selected, below email will be used.) But on email template customizer plugin there’s no option to create a template without an email type, you have to necessarily select an existing email type.

    So how can I create a new template for the orders tracking email without overriding my woocoommerce templates? As I stated, you removed the orders tracking email type from the list.

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