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Emails not sending automatically

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    Bill Broadbent

    My emails send manually and not automatically.

    I tried adding:
    define( “DISABLE_WP_CRON”, true );

    I get this message:
    Your WP Cron is disabled. If you want to use WP Cron, open file wp-config.php and delete row define( “DISABLE_WP_CRON”, true );.

    When I delete the row, I get this message:
    Your WP Cron is enabled. If you want to use Cronjob server, open file wp-config.php and add row define( “DISABLE_WP_CRON”, true );.

    They seem to contradict each other.

    Either way, automated emails are not sent.

    I have WP Mail SMPT installed and working.

    Any ideas on how to fix this?



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