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Errors when adding subscription as cross-sell

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    Cory Mitchell

    I want to add a cross sell to each of my products that promotes a monthly subscription when they purchase the product.

    It sort of works…but it charges the monthly fee upfront and then says there are no recurring payments.

    The subscription actually only costs $1 initially (this is what should be charged) and then $49 per month after a 5 day trial period.

    So the chart should show $259 $1 as the current amount to pay, with $49 billed monthly.

    But instead it shows $259 $49 with no recurring payments.

    The products and subscriptions all work just fine on the site on their own. I just want to bundle the subscription with product purchases.

    Basically, it seems to view a subscription as a 1-time product and not as a subscription.

    How do I get it to support the subscription and show the correct current price and recurring amount?

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