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EXMAGE – WordPress Image Links Ignore import ship from

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    De Kesthy

    I need you please for 2 requests :

    1- About EXMAGE for external image URLs.
    I use the EXMAGE extension for my images and since using it, my products images no longer have the same size, the same dimensions. The images of my products were impeccable before using this plugin. I understood that I cannot modify the images once we use it. But, I’m looking for a solution to just lay out, adjust and put all my images at the same size. I tested several plugins and CSS code to no avail.
    Do you have any solutions or ideas for this please

    2- In the ALD complete solution, we can disable this feature (Ignore import ship from ). I activated it but despite this, I continue to see this mention on the product page. ( ship from China) Why? How can i do for that?

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