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    bram van der schaaf


    Just bought the plugin.

    1. I was told by @mivtt this: We will update the feature that can be clickable the out of stock variations next update.
    But when will this update be approx.?
    Is there also a way to make variations that are out of stock still clickable to see what the price of that variation is, but not be able to add to cart.
    A lot of customers want to know, because sometimes they want to wait then till it gets back in stock.

    2. Is it possible to place the attribute title on the same line, because it is now 1 unneeded extra line.
    so like this:

    3. Why can i only choose between 2 global default display types, button or radio? Why am i not able to choose SELECT or COLOR, or IMAGE as default?

    4. Regarding SELECT, is it possible to add this information? This would make the plugin absolute leading.
    This is the WPC Variations Radio Buttons for WooCommerce plugin used


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