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    Based on our discussion in CodeCanyon – https://codecanyon.net/comments/26145503 – here are my recommendations:

    1. Facebook/Google Analytics Events push on
    1.1. View Cart
    1.2. Checkout Initiated

    2. Ajax view cart – i.e. when I click on the view cart button, not to be redirected to cart page, but rather – to see my fly-in cart

    3. Standard cart replacement. I would like to see my fly-in cart when I click on the regular cart in WooCommerce header menu (or everywhere else). haven’t tested with Elementor yet, but my final goal for such fly-in cart would be to eliminate the need to load additional pages (Cart, Checkout)

    4. See applied coupons – as of now they are nowhere to be seen on the fly-in cart – i.e. I have to do maths as user to understand that there is a coupon applied.

    Hope this helps.

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