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final currency price alternation

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    Zoltan Fazekas


    I have an issue because my website uses a different currency to dollar.

    The plugin works fine but basically I am looking for a solution to alter the final price of the products as just simply converting the Dollar to Huf doesnt give good results.

    I mean it does convert it but lets say instead of 1471 Huf (which is like 4.5 dollar) I want to price it to 1499 which would be more appealing and accepted as a price for a product.

    is it possible to do this with current plugin functionality?
    I saw a part where final price can be altered but I cant figure out how it actually works 🙂

    So if price rule been applied, and been converted to store currency, update final price last 2 digits to 99.

    Thank you in advance

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