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Fixed Pricing on Woocommerce

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    Pre-sale question please: I have the free version loaded to test the Woocommerce integration. I am also using Masteriyo which is an Learning Management System. I have created a course with the price of £15. I then created a Woocommerce product referencing that course. I typed in the GBP price of £15 and the ZAR price of R300. However, in the Woocommerce product, when I type in the second currency amount, it disappears AFTER I update the product. What would cause that? I have the Fixed Price option checked.
    Here is the page: https://learn.popweb.co.za/product/protea-xyz/
    If you are outside South Africa, the price should be £15. However, on my side the price is being converted to ZAR. I want a fixed price of R300.
    I’m sure I’m doing something basic wrong, but let me know if you need access.

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