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Free Shipping Bar – Display Improvement in Dark Themes

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    George McDonald

    This request is not directed at the support team, more towards the development team for a feature improvement in a future version if possible.

    It would be very useful if the small progress bar as shown in Capture1/2/3.png, can have the bar colour modified for a few reasons:

    1. In dark browser display mode, the grey/black progress bar is almost invisible as shown in the attached captures.
    2. Being able to change the colour would help to attract the eye better in either bright or dark theme’s, as well as being able to customise the bar to fit within a theme’s colour scheme better.
    3. It would be even better, if it can be configured to display 1 choice of colour between 0~99%, then a 2nd choice of colour once 100% is reached to emphasise the Goal being reached, especially given that the accompanying text above is fairly small and it cannot be configured to be emphasised by changing its weight.

    If the support team are able to point me to the PHP file that contains the colour for that progress bar, I would be happy to manually modify the colour for now to accommodate the dark view issue.


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