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Free Shipping Bar displays only the default shipping Zone for all locales!

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    George McDonald


    before I purchased this plugin, I specifically sent you a query regarding this product and whether it can handle displaying different {min_amount} values based on the geolocation/IP of the customer. You said in response that if I have different shipping zones that it can display the correct shipping zone value corresponding to the locale of the user based on their IP.

    I have now purchased the plugin and configured it and I can confirm that this DOES NOT WORK! Not Happy!

    https://ibb.co/PgZZ7MT = Capture0 = Displaying all of the shipping zones configured on my site. Also shows that only 1 of those is selectable from a drop down box as the default value.
    https://ibb.co/sHSvpPn = Capture1 = Displays the selected/default shipping zone of the United Kingdom (£45/€49.95), when accessed from Europe/Ukraine location via VPN.
    https://ibb.co/61Jg81y = Capture2 = Displays the current IP address to prove that the site is being accessed from the said location.

    My expectation as previously stated in my query prior to purchase is for the plugin to identify the user location via IP and display the correct shipping zone relative to the locale (Europe in this test case) which carries a different {min_amount} value compared with the default zone (UK in this test case).

    I did not test any further, but I fully expect all other shipping zones will be have the same.

    Either the plugin is not working as advertised, or I was mis-sold!!! Either way if there is no solution to this I want my money back so I can find a solution elsewhere.

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