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Free shipping bar shortcode conflict with woocommerce cart blocks

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    Im having a problem.
    Context: Im using the shortcode to include the free shipping bar in the woocommerce cart block

    When a costumer adds its first product to cart and is redirected to the cart page, the cart page starts loading, showing the “Message Purchased” (the one that shows how much is left to get free shipping)of the free shipping bar, while at the same time the page is still rendering the product
    And after less than a second later, the cart page loads again, but this time showing now the Announce System message (replacing the Message Purchased message) and also showing the item aggregated to cart

    I would like that, when a costumer adds a product and is redirected to cart, to be able to read the amount left until the free shipping can be reached (Message Purchased) along with the aggregated item. I dont want the costumer to read the Announce System

    Note: The problem can be solved if the costumer goes back and then return to the cart page but the objetive is that the correct behaviour run on the first time that the costumer ads an item to the cart

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