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Free Shipping Notification Plugin – Presales/Capabilities queries!

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    George McDonald


    I am an existing customer of the Mutli-currency plugin and Im considering purchasing the Free shipping notifications plugin, but the video demonstration has raised some concerns about the capabilities of the plugin.

    My requirements of a free shipping notification which can cater for multiple shipping zones, each with a different {min_amount} value, examples as follows:

    Zone 1 – Domestic ({min_amount} = $45)
    Zone 2 – EU ({min_amount} = $65)
    Zone 3 – Americas ({min_amount} = $85)
    Zone 4 – Asia ({min_amount} = $95)
    Zone 5 – Oceania ({min_amount} = $115)

    Would the plugin work in this configuration as follows:

    1. Notification bar selects the correct Zone and {Min_amount} value to display for the user based on their Geo/IP location?
    2 At basket, as per 1 above the correct Zone is selected and displayed for the user?

    I am actively looking for a solution to free shipping notifications. Are you able to provide a full featured Demo (time limited) version of the plugin for testing purposes?


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