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Geolocation and assigning currency manually to countries

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    I have a few questions about the plugin.

    Our website is using three currencies (USD, GBP and EURO), we want to show the USD prices only to (the USA and Canada), Euro price only to EU countries (Countries in Europian Union) and the rest of the countries in GBP. Can we set the currencies country-specific? (Show the USD to those who are logging in from Canada?) Also, for the Geolocation to work, do we need to prompt the user a message to enable location sharing?

    How does this works with free shipping thresholds? (We offer free shipping over £30 to the UK, Over $50 for the USA and over €30 to EU countries) For now, we are using WPML multi-currency and it doesn’t do this calculation correctly (If a customer is in the US and decided to ship to the UK how does it calculate this condition, because the US currency is USD and based on the condition, even if someone order $30 worth of products it will be marked as free shipping because the system doesn’t take the currency into account when calculating it)


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