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Geolocation issues on Woo Multicurrency plugin

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    Bruce Elliott

    Hi there,

    We are using your Multicurrency WordPress plugin for Woo Commerce on https://clear-offset.com and have been for some time.

    We have a persistent but intermittent error that we are struggling to fix and would like your help with. It is to do with the geolocation feature. We sell worldwide and in many currencies but the currency that the products start with are not always appropriate. In the UK for example it should be GBP. But recently it has showed AUD and USD instead – all normal UK IP addresses not logged into WordPress.

    I tried changing the Geo setting from WooCommerce to External but this seems to just offer the site in the default currency – someone in the States also loaded the site with a default of GBP instead of USD. So I’ve put it back to WooCommerce.

    Having the correct currency load for the country from which you are accessing is very important for our sales conversion rates so we must fix this. I believe the plugin is supposed to be able to handle this.

    I tried the online Mindmax geo locator database tool online with two examples of IP addresses which are not resolving correctly by currency: One in Cape Town which reverted to USD instead of ZAR and the other in Suffolk, UK which reverted to AUD at one point and then USD another time. So it doesn’t seem to be the IP geolocation software. Also the same IP seems to default to different currencies at different times, which again would make the geolocation software an unlikely cause of the problem.

    The forum dropdown on the support box doesn’t give me the option of woo multicurrency for some reason. But we’re running premium version,

    Hope you can help.

    Best wishes,

    Bruce Elliott
    Revolution Digital

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    [HTTPS] => on
    [SSL_PROTOCOL] => TLSv1.2
    [SCRIPT_FILENAME] => /home/clearoffset/public_html/wp-admin/admin.php
    [QUERY_STRING] => page=woocommerce-multi-currency-system-status
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