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Great except not freshing at checkout to include card fee

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    Amy Garrett

    Hello, I just bought, installed, and configured Cart All in One and I love it! I’ve just got one problem that completely breaks the plugin for my needs.

    I use a plugin to attach a fee on orders (“Payment Gateway Based Fees and Discounts”) that select credit cards, and on the normal woocommerce page, selecting credit card will grey out the page and refresh the total with the fee.

    In the Cart All in One checking window, selecting the credit card option does nothing. If I go back to the cart, change a product quantity, and then go back to the checkout page, it shows the fee. And then, if I select another payment type, it doesn’t remove the fee. I only know a tiny bit of coding, it seems like there needs to be an ajax call somewhere? I have no idea.

    Also just checked and if the cart is empty and a product is added from the footer’s “recently viewed products”, it doesn’t show at first. If you select it again, it does show up, with a quantity of 2.

    I’ve disabled other addons and tested and it still happens. I have to disable your addon as it’s a live site so I can’t really give you any links to show what I mean, hopefully the description is enough.

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