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Help with Plugin Issues

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    I have a few issues on the cart that I’m hoping you can help resolve.

    1) Google Pay is not connecting on either the desktop or mobile. It is working on the regular woocommerce cart, so I don’t think it’s a connection issue with Google. The other payment methods seem to be working.

    2) The Credit Card through Stripe dropdown is too compressed to use on the mobile side. It’s fine on the desktop.

    3) If a customer forgets to check the ” I agree terms ” and then tries to complete the order, the checkout freezes. This happens only on the mobile site, the desktop works fine.

    4) Amazon Pay does not show up on either the mobile or desktop. Amazon Pay does not integrate with the standard pay options, it sits on top of them.

    5) The close X button does not work on the mobile site. It works great on the desktop.
    If possible, but not necessary, could the Add Coupon section be moved a little to the left to make a little more room to get to the X. It’s a bit hard to get to on the mobile site.

    Thank you for your help.

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