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Hiding the product image URL AE101.CDN

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    Hi, I just want to double check that when we activate the HIDE URL of photos, and upload to server only, that the customer photo URL does NOT show at all on any three of the media: PC, Ipad and iphone.

    E.G, when I go to hover over the customer image, I do not have the URL redirect in the bottom of the browser.

    This is CRITICAL not to show.

    So I AM triple checking this really is what that button does…I have also checked myself and it has worked very well, finally to solve this major problem. SO THANK YOU.

    Suggestions for Plugin improvement:

    A suggestion is to be able to FORMAT the author name from the dashboard, e.g A***b, or Z***c, to Amanda.B, or Zoe. instead of the classic Aliexpress format which is terrible and a giveaway to competitors that your products are from Aliexpress! Also have to export all the reviews, edit then re-import…uhh, it does work but I am sure you can make a faster easier way?

    many thanks, awesome plugin and still many years customer of VillaTheme.

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