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Hook a customized Email that we have on WooCommerce

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    Ido Kobelkowsky

    We have a few customized WooCommerce Emails that are working just fine, the license is on ataliai@drinkripples.com acconut ( she is the owner ), we are doing the development.

    So the issue is, we would like to add the possibility to use the Email Template Customizer the issue is that it only applied the ‘default’ template and does allows us to customize the whole email (it just applies the header and footer) – and we wish to edit the content;

    we used these hooks, but we can see it on the Email Types selectbox, but the email that is being sent always gets the default template (header and footer only )

    what are we doing wrong?

    add_filter( ‘viwec_register_email_type’, function( $emails ) {
    $emails[ ‘wc_reminder_notification’ ] = [
    ‘name’ => ‘Reminder Notification’
    $emails[ ‘wc_welcome_notification’ ] = [
    ‘name’ => ‘Welcome Notification’
    return( $emails );
    } );
    add_filter( ‘woocommerce_email_classes’, function( $emails ) {
    require_once( ’emails/class-wc-reminder-notification.php’ );
    $emails[ ‘WC_Reminder_Notification’ ] = new WC_Reminder_Notification();

    require_once( ’emails/class-wc-welcome-notification.php’ );
    $emails[ ‘WC_Welcome_Notification’ ] = new WC_Welcome_Notification();
    return( $emails );
    } );

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