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How to get these features work?

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    We love the lucky wheel concept. However, we find many features are very important but still missed. Please see below:
    1. The in the Email content, we cannot put in the shortcode for dynamic coupon. If we put in other shortcode in the Email content, the whole shortcode code still show in the Email for any 3rd party coupon plugin. It cannot be converted. For example Smart Coupons for WooCommerce Pro by By WebToffee. Its dynamic signup coupon code cannot show in the Email. All other coupon plugins are same issue. How to solve this?

    2. In the Wheel Settings, why the Email Template default is None? Actually it should be the Inform Result. We suggest here should have the individual Email message can be set by this plugin internal feature, e.g. directly use the Woocommerce email template, which we can set the PHP coding there. We don’t know why here cannot select the Woocommerce email template and cannot allow us to put in any PHP codes?

    3. We see a tab Unique Coupn. However, we don’t find any place to use it, and it cannot generate any dynamic coupon code into the Email content. How this work? i.e. we like to have a luckly reward for signup new users have 5% discount for whole site products with 1 day limited time to them. How to set this?

    4. If the Coupon Type we set to Custom, and its Value field put in the any shortcode coupon, the final Email doesn’t show up any converted coupon code. How to sort out this problem?

    Thanks and we look foward to your reply.

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