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How to import product with only one shipping option?

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    I would like to import products with a single shipping option of my choice.

    On the import list form, I can see attributes for the selected product, and in there there are many “Ships From” countries listed. I delete the option, and select the required default option, in my case Germany. However, once item is imported, I still see many different shipping options in the product page and Cart. I need only one.

    I know there is an option to remove the possibility from customer to select shipping options, so I can use the default Zone enabled in Woocommerce, however if I switch this off, the option to remove item from cart when the country cannot be shipped too will be disabled as well.

    This might not be an issue, as Woocommerce display a message to type address to display shipping, however even if shipping not available because I selected a country that is not defined in my shipping class, Process payment button still available.

    Basically, I want. to offer free shipping, for Europe, so I do not need the user to select shipping method, but I would like to use the option to remove item if a country selected outside of Europe, without the need of entering the full address.

    Any help on that how I can achieve this please?

    Thank you.

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