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How to set a page to a fixed currency

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    Odera Okonkwo

    Hi Support,

    I ran into a block trying to implement multicurrency on my website.

    Situation 1:
    I want some pages to default to GBP and others to NGN (website default currency). I noticed that if I switch to GBP using ?wmc-currency=GBP, the currency switches back to default if you move to the store page and refresh multiple times. I want the currency to be persistent once it is set.

    The only time I want it to change is if it is explicitly changed using the switcher.

    Is there a way to force currency on specific pages and categories using a function? I was unable to find a hook in the documentation that can let met force a specific currency depending on what page I’m on. Please help.

    Situation 2:
    I noticed that some of my products break when I switch from the default currency to GBP on the store. You can replicate this by visiting the shop page, choosing any of the bundles, then attempt to switch currency on the single product page.

    It only happens on multi currencies and I don’t know how to resolve this.

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