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I cannot skip a step and continue to cart

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    Giannis Marakis

    Hello again. I have purchased the plugin, however…

    a) if I skip a step (as I mentioned previously to you), the “add to cart” button still DOES NOT show. I need to go back to the “skipped step” and select a product in order for it to show the “add to cart” button.
    I want to be able to skip any steps I want, and be able to add only the items I want, and then go to cart.

    b) when the products are added to the cart, and the order is received, how do I know which products concern the specific “group of products” so it doesnt mix with the rest of the order? Is there any way the “group of products”can show this?

    I look forward to your reply.
    Thank you!

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