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i have some bugs and problems with variation popup

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    I use the variation popup of Woocommerce Cart ALL in One pro plugin of VillaTheme.
    When I click add to cart it opens a variation popup on mobile version but i have to scroll down on the popup to see the variations. And when I open on desktop and mobile version i also get to see the default variation of woocommerce and the variation from the variation swatches plugin so i get two in one popup. But i want only variations from variation swatches plugin on the popup please.

    and when I watch my webshop live and on the customize preview its not the same. For example i see sticky add to cart on single product page when i go in the customize preview but when i go live i dont see it. But why is it still on the customize preview because i have disabled the setting? I dont want to see it in the customize preview please.

    I think its a bug but I’m not sure.
    Can you help me with this problem please?

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