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Import function not working

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    Oliver Rivers


    when I import a csv file, the contact is not updated. Eventhough it says successful import.

    Order ID Tracking Number Carrier Slug
    1776 LK769621431HK hong-kong-post
    1964 LK769621431HK hong-kong-post

    This is an order I tried to import, but it is not working.

    [2020-12-30 13:49:13] Start importing tracking
    [2020-12-30 13:49:14] Finish importing tracking
    [2020-12-30 13:49:14] Import tracking from CSV completed
    [2020-12-30 13:53:36] Start importing tracking
    [2020-12-30 13:53:37] Finish importing tracking
    [2020-12-30 13:53:37] Import tracking from CSV completed
    [2020-12-30 13:56:11] Start importing tracking
    [2020-12-30 13:56:12] Finish importing tracking
    [2020-12-30 13:56:12] Import tracking from CSV completed
    [2020-12-30 14:03:20] Start importing tracking
    [2020-12-30 14:03:21] Finish importing tracking
    [2020-12-30 14:03:21] Import tracking from CSV completed

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