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Import get crazy – order refunded on Shopify

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    I had the issue 2 times, on 2 different website. When I try to import my orders from my shopify stores, it looks like the process block on a refunded order and start creating tons of refund for this particular customer on this order.

    Despite the super high CPU usage + RAM usage, as I have refund email enabled, my customer received thousand of emails.

    Why this issue happened ? How to kill the process when this happen ? How to prevent it ?

    I tried to disable the plugin and stop all cron job when it happened, but it kept going, for around 40 minutes and stoped by itself.

    At the same time, there was other refunded orders that worked fine. And I used the plugin to import data from other Shopify Store on other woocommerce website and it worked fine also.

    Hope you can help to fix it,

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