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Imported product missing important informations:

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    Alain Saffray


    I have a report about google saying my product field missing fields and this can impact my google search result:

    – review

    – GTIN (identifiant global)

    – brand

    – aggregateRatting

    – description

    – priceValidUntil

    Ok, I’m think many of them are just not available from Aliexpress, but:

    Brand have no field in table

    Description is filed with unrevelent info

    All of this are present in the post content, but not in the tables:

    It can become mandatory to have GTIN, so a way for create a valid GTIN just for have the field for google search can be usefull.

    It’s seem too google search are not able to read correctly product title, in result i have no result when i’m searching a product i’m selling, and not be listed in google search.

    Thanks to try adress theses problems.

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