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    hope you are all well.
    There are a few things that need to be optimized:

    1. The mobile view: For example if we have 2 Columns in the header like shown in you demo(Logo left and link right) the elements need to stay in position but they don´t which means the logo will push down the link in the right column.
    1.1 It could help if you add some “Column ratio” like you added to “Component: Order detail” and that would be a useful option for your Layout > Column as well.
    1.2 Or some Option to Edit the Mobile View only.

    2. The icons are images no icons which means the color can not be changed and they can not be scaled that´s not nice for individual customization means we can make the header color black but the icons remain blue.

    3. Some way to add custom classes(css) to the elements otherwise the custom css filed is quite useless.

    4. Would be great to have some option to set a individual font familiy as this would be a helpful aspect to create to look of the store.

    5. Different look in email software(like outlook). For example if we add products for example 2 products to the email the image sizes don´t have the same height, some paddings are missing, some strange border appears in the footer,… .

    6. Some way to save elements like for example if we create some footer we need to add all contents to the next email.
    I know that you have a export/ import option but as it replaces all Elements it´s not very helpful.

    7. The Text in the editor textfield do have the color like set for the frontend/email and if we set it to white or light grey the input/text is not visible anymore.

    8. Some option/way to set the total width of the email body.

    9. Images added into the text field don´t center with align option.

    Best regards

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