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    Aenye One

    Hello, I have a question about your “advanced product information” plugin, more specifically the “instock” option. I set them to “actual” stock, took a look and it looks like the “barwidth” value is 41% sometimes and 62% at others, so if 41 is the stock, what is 100%?
    Is it possible to make the value of “barwidth” equal to the actual item stock and add another value manually that would represent the 100%?
    Let me explain, (I wish I had a stock barre 12 out of 250 remaining), currently the gauge fills 41% of the bar no matter what I do. What I would like to have as a result is that the value of “barwidth” takes into account the actual stock of the item (ex: stock of 12) and a value of choice added manually, which would represent the base stock ( ex: manually added original stock value of 250), then I would get a bar of 4.8% filled, i.e.->(virtual value 250) 250/100=2.5 ​​and (actual stock 12) 12/2.5 = 4.8. And if I set the virtual value of the basic stock to 100, then the result will be 12%.
    I don’t know if by means of lines of code to add to the function.php file this is possible but I would appreciate it and I think many others might like it if it were possible.

    Ps: I looked if there was a premium version with this option but I couldn’t find a premium version of your plugin.

    Thanks in advance for your time and help.

    Ps: does “instock” work on variable products?

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