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Intermittent price error with ZAR and autolocate

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    Hi there,

    A clients site that we are developing has an issue whereby a price in GBP is displaying properly, and will convert correctly if using the manual currency switcher, but if the user is located in South Africa and automatically sees the price in ZAR, it is inflated by approximately 20 times. We checked in USD but the problem doesn’t appear there. We haven’t checked any other currencies.

    As an example, the product cost was £10 GBP and converted to R4023.77 (should be apx R250).

    We are using some custom script to produce the price based on a calculation but this is completed prior to the product receiving the price.

    You can see a product page at https://clear-offset.com/product/offset-my-skydive/

    I look forward to your thoughts.

    Kind regards

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