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    Dear VillaTheme,

    I am struggeling with the bulk fullfilment. Its an very important feature for me so it must work properly. I have the same problem which is described in the following forum:

    Pls read that one cause i am having the same problem and the topic is not solved yet.
    For me customers are not filling in any state or province information, can i place that information into other?

    Another option is that i make my customers fill in that information by creating a new field in my check out form. What label should i name it to auto detect it?

    By the way i also have an other question about the following. Befor i was using Alidropship plugin but i want to use your plugin now with the excisting products. Those are just woocommerce plugins with a link to aliexpress. All the images and stuff are just on my server so not related to the plugin. I am going to install the plugin and add yours but i dont want to import all the products with your plugin to start all over again. I would like to add exsisitng products to so i can fullfill them. Is that possible?

    That same above would happen if i switched to a new suppllier is that possible to change it easily?

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