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Is there a way to use Change currency follow via Ajax?

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    Avinash Gupta

    We have set “Change currency follow -> Billing Address” under settings. On the checkout page when the user changes the country, the country and currency do change momentarily but soon the page reloads.

    This sudden reloading of the checkout page is creating a conflict with the CartBounty plugin which tries to save customer carts.

    On the initial page load the visitors country is detected and is displayed in the Country field. CartBounty saves this information. Now if the user tries to change the country the CURCY plugin changes the country, currency and payment method all nicely. But before the process completes the page reloads and on reload the CartBounty plugin tries to restore the cart and then it restores the original country.

    For instance if the vistor is from India, on initial load India will be displayed in country and all options set in CURCY are working. Now if the user say switches to US, CURCY tries to switch to USD and Supported payment methods,etc. but before it could complete the operation a reload starts. On reload CartBounty sets the country to India cause it was unable to save the newly selected country US.

    Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GKYLlH3u2noFmlhRwSlehq1UmvEu6BmU/view?usp=drive_link

    We contacted CartBounty developers and this is what they recommend.

    ———– CartBounty Response ——–
    This issue you are facing on your store happens because CartBounty has a function called “Remember user input” which is developed as a customer experience improvement which means whenever a customer enters his or her details in the checkout form and then leaves the page to see some other products or simply refreshes your checkout page, input fields will be remembered by CartBounty and restored.

    This helps with customer frustration – he does not need to enter all of the input fields once again and that works to improve sales since the customer saves time and efforts in such scenarios.

    The issue on your store is happening because CartBounty is not able to “Remember” or save (on some browsers) the new country value user has selected as the page reloads rather quickly. And once the page is reloaded – CartBounty restores the value that has been “Remembered”. So this is in essesnce where the isue is coming from.

    That is why I was asking in my previous email if there maybe is some settings in the CURCY plugin that can prevent the page from reloading and instead use Ajax to change currency and payment options as this would not cause the page to reload after country changes.

    So is there a way to stop this reload and change the currency and payment methods by Ajax?

    Staging site details are shared.

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