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Issue with currency automatically switching

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    We are using your plugin and we are using US$ (default), GBP and EURO. We have not used yet the geolocation. By using a dropdown list on the top header we have integrated, customer can choose the currency. However, every time I’m going to a new page or I put a product in my cart, it is always in US$ even though on the product page it was in EURO or GBP. I’ve checked and in our settings, EURO & GBP are checkout currency and also Enable Cart Page is enabled.

    When people choose EURO or GBP, we want them to enjoy their experience in the website with the same currency and we don’t want the website to automatically go back to US$.

    Do you have any idea?

    Website is: https://digitaldeepsea.com (still in beta mode for the content, etc.)

    THanks a lot

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