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Issue with Geolocation and prices without VAT on Google SERP

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    Good morning, we purchased your plugin in the premium version, and we find it fantastic. However, we have encountered a small issue and would like to understand how to address it.

    We would like to use geolocation to display the correct currency based on the country of origin. We have successfully implemented the function. The problem is that, during testing, when visiting the site from the US or abroad in general (we are in Italy), Google rightly sees the products not in the total amount we expect (with VAT) but only without VAT. This is because, in fact, the visit from Google is made from the United States (and according to the WooCommerce tax table, sales to the US are made without VAT).

    The functionality is perfectly correct and lawful if the visit is made by a user. The issue is that in this case, the user is Google, and for us, it’s a problem if different prices without VAT appear on the Google SERP in Italy (where VAT should be applied).

    How can we solve the problem?

    Thank you very much.

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