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Issue with overwriting the templates

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    Christoph Zimmer

    I have an issue with overwriting the deafault template

    I am not able to assign the email templates. When receiving a new order, the woocommerce should send just one email, the email with invoice. But woocommerce is sending the default template (This template will be used in the case of none detected template and the subject will be get from original email). When using this template the shortcodes are deactivated and are not usable. I tried everything you descriped in your documentation and everthing I read in forums.

    Could be a problem with overwriting the default template. I am using Germanized for woocommerce. First I tried another Plugin (Woomail) and got the same problem, therefor I think it has something to do with general settings.

    Could you please take a quick look and give me a tip how to solve? Thank you very much, Chris.

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