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Issues with Email Customizer Plugin

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    I have tried using the Email Customizer plugin, but I have a few issues. Please see my questions below:

    1. Order Detail component, I can only edit the text size, color and line height. I’m unable to change the font, font weight, etc. There isn’t an option for this. How can I do this?
    2. Order Sub Total component, I’m unable to change the font weight of Sub Total, Discount, Shipping, etc. How can I do this?
    3. How can I identify the id or class on the email template in order to add Custom CSS?
    4. Can I use more fonts than what appears to be available, such as Google fonts?
    5. Why do some components have padding editing options, but no margin editing options, and others have the opposite?
    6. How do I view the original Woocommerce emails e.g. Failed Order, Order on Hold, etc?
    7. What is the default email template in ‘Select Email Type’?


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