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    Alex Lever

    Hi, I’m trying to associate a free eBook gift when one of my products is added to the cart.

    I have an eBook product called: Harnessing The Power Of Red Light Therapy.

    I need this to be added to the cart when the product called: PoochBeam is added to their cart.

    I have created a product called: Free eBook – Red Light Therapy. Then I selected the product data as the Gift Pack. However, I can’t seem to be able to select any products for the free gift.

    I have created the rule: Free eBook – PoochBeam, but I can’t select the gift pack for it.

    I’ve noticed that my free ebook gift is stuck as a draft on the product list (image 2)

    Is it possible that we’re only allowed to create one live gift pack on the free version?

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