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    One of our clients is looking for a way to offer their customers a free gift with the purchase of a qualifying product. The free gift options need to be displayed on the product page as well as the cart.
    So far, we have only found plugins that display the free gift after the qualifying criteria has been met, e.g. it only shows on the product page once that have added the product to the cart.
    We discovered your plugin today but I wanted to check a couple of things before we buy and install it.

    Does your plugin display qualifying gifts on the product pages before the customer adds the product to the cart?
    If so, does it only work for individual products or can you set gifts for entire categories?
    Can the offered gifts be categories as well, or just individuals products?
    Do the free gift products need to be simple products or can they be variable products as well?

    Thank you in advance.

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