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Lower the activity on local time zone

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    Savanna Goodness

    Very easy to use. Two questions. The website conducts business in a local country only and the busy hours is just 12 hours, because of local exposure.

    1) Reduce activity from 12am till 8am It is not possible for many “view products” or “orders” from 12am till 8am. Can you include an option to slow down during this time in my location?

    2) It also should not show recent orders 3 hours ago by someone in same country where it is 6am. That means the order was made at 3am!

    3) The website only contains less than 6 products, an I noticed, “Someone is viewing this product” and the number changes from high to low in a matter of minutes which does not make sense.

    Appreciate your guidance on above. I cant be disabling the plugin every night and enabling it in the morning. Which also does not make sense because enabling it in the morning will also show purchases like 3-4 hours ago.

    Please help with a temp solution.

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