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Migrating from Alidropship Plugin

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    I have used the Alidropship plugin for app 8 years but currently not happy with the development/support for a small – but wealthy, market as Norway.

    If I am going to migrate, I have a few questions before entering into the test phase:
    1) If I deactivate alidropship on my staging environment and install your Pro solution – will it be up and running or do I need to “import” all current Aliexpress (only have Aliexpress products on my site) products onto ALD?
    2) Is the price USD28 +USD8.63 per year incl support? What about after that year? Another USD36.63 to ensure support (which is OK – just asking)?
    3) Are there anything to pay special attention to when migrating from Alidropship?
    4) Are there anything to pay special attention to when managing from a small country like Norway?
    5) DSERS and AutoDS are both storing the product data outside of Woocommerce/Aliexpress – in another database. It looks to me you are not (which is good), can you confirm that you are using the wc/ali databases only?
    6) I am currently using a robot to
    i) move all product description images to the gallery
    ii) replace existing product description with a Norwegian description
    iii) replace exisiting product title with a Norwegian title.
    For i) to iii), I am using the woocommerce product interface. Can I continue using the robot – and the new replaced info will appear also in ALD? Or, do ALD have other embedded solutions for it? What is out of the question is to edit these informations manually – since I have about 1400 products + variations.

    I hope to receive a response to these important questions within shortly – and I really hope I can migrate to ALD since it looks good and optimized.

    /morten von hafenbrädl

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