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Migrating from WCML with mixed up currency-language to fix

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    SOS Marketing

    I tried the free version of your plugin and as I understand, it is possible to pull-in prices from WCML custom product prices to your plugin with a click of a button in the admin. This would be great, but we also have a problem we need to solve and that is actually the reason we are looking for an alternative for WCML.
    When the webshop was developed, we mixed up the currency-language combination, as we have a two language site (Hungarian-English), where Hungarian has HUF English has EUR prices. But when we set it up,English was selected as default language but prices were imported in HUF as WC main currency, and WCML’s second currency became the EUR, connected to the English site. Now this means, when editing products, WCML allows to edit the English version’s prices, where we set up main price in HUF, add EUR custom price there, but it does not allow to set prices on the translation page. We got used to this, but from time to time it generates errorS with product pricing.
    So our question is: Is it possible when importing the prices from WCML to switch around the original price with the secondary custom price set up in WCML now?
    Thanks for your reply!

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