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Minor issue with plugin

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    Hi again,
    Within the first second of the load my add to cart button acts strange. It loads this first https://prnt.sc/MnvYFd-SNCAN
    Then when the page is loaded 2 sec later, i see fully loaded page with variations and 2px border on the add to cart button.

    I can get rid of this jump if i diable ajax here https://prnt.sc/3Dw7A4DtSMQj

    Also, if i do disable AJAX there, then variations won´t show up on product list.

    Also, there is a rule added to functions.php https://prnt.sc/9aBUMe_OEFzc that i think has something to do with this all.

    Can you pls take a look at this issue? Im clueless!

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