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More Tax issues for diff countries

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    please read in private – i have also send info and screenshots. Im having a issue as i set the taxes and settings as mentioned in the attached message, but i can seem to get the tax for USA location to be ZERO TAX and different than Indian tax. Do i need to change the Tax tables and add like 0 value tax for USA to achieve this or do i have to change some settings in woocommerce Settings like tax calculation based on , default customer shipping address , etc. Im thouroughly confused and things are looking even more confusing as i feel your currency plugin is causing this glitch for which ive also raised a separate ticket. Here please just tell me how to set USA tax to Zero but keep Indian tax too as that is applied at India level. Please help as im honestly lost. I gave you such a wonderful review as i felt great about your plugin and still do but i need you to understand, and see all the attachments and info i sent to you, before replying. Please help .

    THanks in Advance

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