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Multi currency addon “Display with and without tax”

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    Tobias Glaving


    Would be great if you could add the option to show with or without tax in the same manner as currency.

    As an example in Sweden all B2B customers want prices without tax and B2C want with tax. There is no good plugin on the market for this and I would gladly buy yours if you could make this option available.

    Should be quite easy.

    Possibility to add Swedish kronor two times. On the second I multiply with taxes 1.25 in Sweden. (Normally prices are without)
    Also need the option to have custom names for B2B and B2C instead of the wmc-title and wmc-currency.

    There is a huge market here seeking this option because many of us sell to both B2B and B2C. Your solution is good looking and easy!


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